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Hello! I'm Courtney. If you've landed here, you are looking for answers about your health (or you're my Dad). My goal is to empower you with the information you need to find the root causes of your symptoms and understand how to heal. 

I know how overwhelming and scary it is when you have a chronic health issue and conventional medicine isn't helping you. You turn to Google and there is so much conflicting, confusing information.I have been there!


I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 10 years ago and have spent the past decade researching and seeking answers. My symptoms are stable, not because of prescription drugs, but because I've learned how my body works and what it needs to heal. I  feel deeply obligated to share my knowledge with other people who are suffering.

I'm a certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach, a marketing & communications specialist, former journalist, mom, wife, entrepreneur, seeker and eternal student. You've found the place where my love of storytelling and journalism intersects with my passion for health.


Here you will find inspiration, answers and, most importantly, you will find hope. Follow me on social media so you know when I publish new content!




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